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September 2016 Archives

Florida law and living wills

Florida has specific laws that pertain to the use of living wills. A living will is not technically a will, merely a document that states a person's end-of-life preferences. Florida still recognizes its authority to direct end-of-life decisions if an individual has not executed a living will.

Inheritance can trigger complicated legal action

The whole point of organizing an estate plan and creating a will is to minimize legal action when you pass away. That's a very vague way of defining the end goal of estate planning, but it is still true. There are obviously many other goals for estate planning: ensuring your assets go to the people you want to have them, protecting your lifetime of wealth, and creating a plan for the worst case scenarios when you turn older are three more crucial goals of an estate plan.

Have you considered a guardianship for your will?

When it comes to estate planning, there are so many topics to discuss that it is understandably easy for someone new to estate plans to miss critical elements of the process. Having a will is one of the most important factors in an estate plan. So many parts of the estate planning puzzle can be covered in a will.

Don't let common mistakes undermine your estate plan

We say this without an ounce of hyperbole: organizing your estate plan is one of the most important things you can do over the course of your life. Without an estate plan, your assets and property may not go to the people who you think should have the assets, and it can cause unnecessary strife and litigation among your loved ones and family when you pass away.