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Are you responsible for a deceased loved one's debts?

As you work to settle the affairs of a recently deceased loved one's estate, you undoubtedly have many tasks ahead of you. You may feel uncertain about how to handle some of those duties, especially when it comes to financial aspects of the estate. Because you want to carry out your family member's final wishes to the best of your ability, you may need to gain more information on how to handle specific responsibilities.

A prenuptial agreement can be part of your estate plan

prenup.pngAs you prepare to get married, you will be making plans for everything from wedding cake flavors to honeymoon locations. In addition to these plans, you will find it beneficial to also consider any necessary adjustments to your estate plan. If you do not have a will or other important documents already drafted, an impending marriage is a good occasion to put your financial and estate-related affairs in order.