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Guardianships Archives

Abuse prompts change in Florida's elder guardianships

As Florida residents age, some may find that a guardian is appointed to them. Although the idea is usually well-meant, allegations of abuse, both financial and of the guardianship system itself, have been made. This has prompted states, such as Florida, to reconsider the way they handle their guardians.

State attempts to correct problems wtih guardianships

Families who must wrestle with how to care for elderly parents in Florida know that there is often no easy solution when it comes to figuring out how to care for them and keep them safe. Some elderly people don't even have relatives to help provide care or oversight into their affairs. Guardianships of elders has been a challenging and sometimes controversial topic not just in the sunshine state but around the country.

Nursing home employees accused of financial abuse

As Florida has worked to make positive changes to its system for adult guardianships lately, the issues related to elder abuse and financial coercion of vulnerable adults continue to plague many people. The inherent temptation that exists when caregivers have access to a person's money can open the door to financial explotitation.

Caring for an aging parent

Many a Florida resident has heard of or known someone who has faced the challenge of needing to provide care to an aging parent or other relative. When this situation arises, everyone may deal with it differently, in part because every situation is unique. While rarely easy, there are some things that are important ways to help both the caregiver and the care recipient through the process.

New state office to oversee professional guardians

Starting in 2015, efforts got underway in Florida to reform the state’s guardianship program. The call for change was led by those who voiced concerns about the financial exploitation and abuse of elders at the hands of those who were tasked with protecting them and their assets. Investigative reports were launched, identifying several issues in detail.

Can you get guardianship for your elder parent?

As more and more people in the United States and Florida reach their senior years, family members must deal with an increasing number of issues. Directly physical health concerns are among these but so too are those conditions which primarily affect mental function. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients can often live for many years in relatively good physical health while their cognitive abilities fail. These failings can put them at risk if they are left to care for their own affairs in the meantime.

How to protect elderly loved ones

Many Floridians need to protect elderly relatives or other family members that might have limited capacity to take care of their own affairs. This could be an adult child with severe Down’s Syndrome or an aging parent with signs dementia or other conditions. In some situations, people have already established their ability to manage the needs of a person but in other cases, incapacitation can creep up leaving them wondering what their options are.

When a trust may be better than a will

Florida residents who are investigating their estate planning options will often be choosing between wills and trusts. While each of these can provide an estate plan that outlines a person’s wishes for asset distribution after death, the way that each document does this is very different. Understanding the differences is important before choosing a path.

How elder guardianships are established

If you have an elderly relative in Florida that you provide care for, you may face many decisions and situations over time regarding how best to do that. At some point, based upon the health and mental ability of your loved one, you may need to consider setting up a conservatorship or guardianship. This can be a valuable way of protecting an elder and his or her assets.

Guardianship reform getting attention in Florida

Concerns about guardianships over elderly persons have garnered much attention in Florida this year. A proposed reform bill failed to pass the state legislature yet residents have not seen the end of this effort. A state senator has vowed to make guardianship reform as it pertains to elder law a priority for the next legislative session notes the Herald Tribune.