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Preparing for your role as estate executor

When the phone call comes of the passing of your loved one, you may not have much time to grieve before having to get right to work fulfilling your duties as an estate executor. You may be one of the many for whom handling the final requests of a loved one is a unique and intimidating experience. In fact, you may have the overwhelming feeling of being completely out of your comfort zone.

Is probate a problem?

If you have ever discussed estate planning with anyone, you may have heard the advice to avoid probate at all costs. Maybe you took this information to heart, not really understanding the implications of probate. Without a doubt, probate is time-consuming, confusing and sometimes frustrating. However, the process is important.

Unless you execute a will, you will have no say about your assets

You probably don't normally sit around talking about your own mortality, unless you are among others in Florida who are currently suffering from terminal illness. Either way, you may also be like many people throughout that nation who prefer not to discuss such matters as it can be rather uncomfortable. On the other hand, based on recent news stories regarding famous people who died without first executing estate plans, you may already understand the importance of getting your own documents in order, regardless of your current state in life.

Caring for a special needs loved one after you are gone

There are many considerations that a Florida family must take for a loved one with special needs. From education to medical care, there are multiple factors that go into the continued care and well-being of people who cannot care for themselves. If you support and provide for an individual with disabilities or special needs, you would be wise to include his or her care as part of your estate plan.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement that stands up to scrutiny

When a Florida couple is planning a wedding, it can be difficult to think about anything beyond the wedding day itself. The excitement over wedding plans and starting life together can sometimes prevent a couple from thinking about the future and protecting long-term financial interests.

Are you responsible for a deceased loved one's debts?

As you work to settle the affairs of a recently deceased loved one's estate, you undoubtedly have many tasks ahead of you. You may feel uncertain about how to handle some of those duties, especially when it comes to financial aspects of the estate. Because you want to carry out your family member's final wishes to the best of your ability, you may need to gain more information on how to handle specific responsibilities.

A prenuptial agreement can be part of your estate plan

prenup.pngAs you prepare to get married, you will be making plans for everything from wedding cake flavors to honeymoon locations. In addition to these plans, you will find it beneficial to also consider any necessary adjustments to your estate plan. If you do not have a will or other important documents already drafted, an impending marriage is a good occasion to put your financial and estate-related affairs in order.