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Posts tagged "guardianships"

Guardianship and dementia

As soon as you notice the first indications of dementia in a loved one, it is wise to make sure that you make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that his or her end-of-life wishes are understood. It is also crucial to consider whether or not this person needs a legal guardian to act on his or her behalf and defend his or her best interests.

Is your choice of guardian trustworthy and eligible to serve?

When searching for a person to serve as guardian, you certainly want to choose someone that you believe is capable of handling the responsibilities that come with the territory. However, the position of guardian is at the intersection of important legal issues and very personal relationships, so it is wise to consider a number of things beyond the capabilities of a candidate.

Guardianship is a significant responsibility

Taking on legal guardianship for a child in need is a wonderful act of love and service, and it is also an enormous responsibility. Before you sign on the dotted line and become a child's legal guardian, be sure that you have carefully considered all the implications of this duty so that you can properly prepare yourself to fully rise to the occasion.

New bill seeks to amend guardianship rules

Guardianship can be both big business and big trouble in Florida, and a new bill heading to the governor's desk aims to help some of the state's most vulnerable residents. However, the issues at hand are far from simple, and the bill has both supporters and detractors. Critics of the bill worry that the new bill may allow vulnerable wards to suffer if the individuals given responsibility to care for them are given less oversight, while it's supporters say that the new changes keep the incapacitated person from footing the bill for unnecessary legal costs.

When should I end a minor's guardianship?

An important part of creating any guardianship for a child is determining when the guardianship should end and why. Guardianships are an important legal responsibility placed on adults to carry on behalf of a child, but they necessarily should not last indefinitely. Since a minor guardianship should always be built to protect the minor's best interests, it is wise to consider when it is time to let the individual in question assume his or her own responsibilities.

Florida neighborhood will care for children

This year has seemed like a constant stream of bad news for many across the country, so it is always a blessing to learn something objectively good is happening and have the opportunity to share in its joy. Just such an opportunity for gratefulness is happening in West Melbourne, Florida. Construction has begun on a first-of-its-kind neighborhood that will serve the needs of children who have been the victims of abuse and neglect. The project is hoping to be operational in the Spring of 2017.

Restoring capacity to a ward in Florida

Guardianship can be a complicated matter in Florida, and requires very specific attention to detail when discontinuing a guardianship to avoid great legal problems. There are many reasons that a guardian may want to relinquish his or her duties. One such reason is when a ward has regained his or her capacity and no longer needs to be held in guardianship. Florida does provide for this possibility, but is must be pursued properly.

Establish guardianship before it is needed

The idea of estate planning may seem like something that the wealthy elite do, but some elements of estate planning can benefit almost anyone. Part of an estate plan can include establishing guardianship, a thing that is often not thought of until it is too late. If a legal guardian is not specified in a legally binding document prior to a person being deemed unable to care for him or herself, he or she may be subject to a court appointing a legal guardian that he or she may not have wanted.

Have you considered a guardianship for your will?

When it comes to estate planning, there are so many topics to discuss that it is understandably easy for someone new to estate plans to miss critical elements of the process. Having a will is one of the most important factors in an estate plan. So many parts of the estate planning puzzle can be covered in a will.

Nursing home employees accused of financial abuse

As Florida has worked to make positive changes to its system for adult guardianships lately, the issues related to elder abuse and financial coercion of vulnerable adults continue to plague many people. The inherent temptation that exists when caregivers have access to a person's money can open the door to financial explotitation.