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October 2012 Archives

Estate taxes: Possible drastic changes coming?

The end of the near is moving slowly toward us. While there is nothing Congress can do to stop the passage of time, it can act to stop big, impending changes to estate and gift tax laws that are scheduled to be implemented on January 1, 2013.

Dispute over food magnate's estate to be settled in Florida?

He was known in his life as a man who fought for his interests, his businesses and the causes he believed in. Many say it's not totally unexpected that even after his life, disagreements continue to revolve around him.

Happy National Estate Planning Week!

OK, so "National Estate Planning Week" doesn't exactly roll off of the tongue. Despite the clunky-sounding name, the organizers have the best of intentions: reminding people that estate planning is the creation of a strategy to protect yourself and your family.

Estate of actor Sherman Hemsley subjected to will contest

He became famous on camera playing a blustering, upwardly mobile character that helped break ground for African-Americans on television. Actor Sherman Hemsley, who died in July at age 74, was recently the subject of a fond memorial at the Emmy Awards.Now his estate is the focus of a will contest, however.

I'm not a rich Florida resident, why do I need an estate plan?

Some people assume that a thorough estate plan is just for the ultra-wealthy. Let's face it, when we hear politicians talk about the expiration of the current low estate and gift tax rates we turn down the volume. Many of us in Florida don't have a multi-million dollar estate to dole out, so why bother with an estate plan at all?