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December 2012 Archives

Singer's estate involved in estimated $90 million deal

It's likely that few of us follow the details of business deals in the music world. That's why when it was recently announced that BMG (the world's fourth largest music label) had acquired a collection of music catalogs from EMI Music Publishing and Sony/ATV that feature some prominent pop hits from the 1980s, few people sat up and paid attention.

Changing perspectives on estate planning

We recently came across an article about estate planning that made some excellent points about the benefits of planning. Everyone knows that estate planning is vital for those who are married and have children, and for those who are business owners or have significant investments, properties or other financial interests.

Lincoln died without a will and a Supreme Court Justice handled probate

It's not everyone who can call on a Justice of the Supreme Court to handle probate for an intestate estate, but that's just what Abraham Lincoln's family had to do when he died. It's true that Lincoln died unexpectedly, but considering his position, he must have known that his family would have been well served by an estate plan.

Estate planning all young families should consider

For most people, estate planning is something that is done later on in life. That's because many young adults in Florida and elsewhere decide that they will worry about estate planning when they have more assets and wealth. Others don't think they need an estate plan because they are young and healthy.