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April 2013 Archives

Man’s best friend often overlooked in the estate planning process

When you plan your estate and write up your last will and testament in Lee County, FL, you have a lot to think about. What will you do with all your assets? Will they be divided up amongst your children or would it be better to give them to your favorite charity? Who will be your executor? These are just a few of the questions that can come to mind when writing up an estate plan

Woman once at center of Johnson & Johnson estate controversy dies

It is a big concern for many people in Lee County, Florida that their aging parents might be taken advantage of financially. Stories abound of people marrying with an eye toward financial gain. Once married, they may exert undue influence over their spouse, even to the point where estate plans are changed and everything is left to them.

Nieces and nephews of wealthy couple will inherit estate

When you write out your last will and testament in Lee County, Florida, the last thing you want to worry about is whether it will stand up in court after you are gone. Sadly, this is sometimes the case when wills are not properly written up in the estate planning process. If it looks phony in any way, shape or form, it may be thrown out. This is why it is so important to make sure your wishes are recorded by the proper legal means.

Art collector's death leads to estate administration nightmares

Many families in Florida, and throughout the country, can find themselves having difficulties affording funeral and burial costs associated with laying a loved one to rest. In these types of instances, funds are often taken from savings accounts and other resources like life insurance policies to cover burial arrangements. And while this type of predicament is not entirely uncommon, an interesting problem can arise when necessary funds are locked in assets that cannot simply be cashed out.

Probate court issues ruling; man will finally get inheritance

It is sad to think that someone would be greedy enough to try to take advantage of the death of another person in Lee County, Florida. After the death of your loved one, it may seem like old relatives and acquaintances start crawling out of the woodwork trying to claim part of the estate. This is why it is so helpful to have a last will and testament in place so that your wishes are honored.