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May 2013 Archives

Consideration of special needs children vital in estate planning

consideration of special needs children essential in estate planning.jpgPeople who have adult children with special needs in Lee County, Florida typically have a lot on their plate. Depending on the needs of the person, it can be an around the clock job just to care for him or her. With so much to do, one thing that many parents may not think about is planning for the future and what will happen to their child when they die. One thing that can really benefit their child is setting up a special needs adult guardianship.

Consider all contingencies while planning your estate

If a person dies without a will in Florida, his or her estate usually goes to his or her spouse and children. It seems pretty clear-cut, but it can get complicated trying to figure out what percentage of the estate should go to the children and what percentage should go to the spouse. There are many factors and contingencies that play a part in determining how an estate is divided.

List of online accounts important part of estate planning

In the not so distant past, writing up a last will and testament was pretty straightforward and simple. Now days with the advancements in technology, online banking and investing, estate planning can be a bit more involved than it used to be. In order for your heirs to receive what you want them to, it is important to leave clear records of all of your accounts, whether they are physical or virtual.