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July 2013 Archives

James Gandolfini's estate may be hit hard with estate taxes

When a person dies with a large estate, taxes can be an unwelcome surprise for many beneficiaries. In some instances, taxes can take a big chunk of the estate. With proper estate planning, however, some of these taxes can be avoided legally and allow beneficiaries to receive the money that was intended for them.

Supreme Court's decision benefits same-sex couples' estate plans

Up until recently, only couples in a traditional heterosexual marriage in Lee County could take advantage of certain estate tax breaks. With the recent Supreme Court Decision that overturned the federal Defense of Marriage Act, this has all changed. Now the federal government recognizes and honors unions between same-sex couples. This recognition extends to issues in estate planning.

Woman dies at age 104 with 2 conflicting wills

The entire reason a person writes up a last will and testament is to make his or her wishes known and to ensure that the people he or she wants to receive an inheritance, will actually do so. In recent years, probating a will in Lee County is becoming more and more common, sometimes leading to disregarding the wishes of the deceased altogether.