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August 2013 Archives

Your choice of executor is vital part of estate planning

Many people mistakenly believe that the issues involved with distributing the assets of an estate in Lee County are simple. In reality they are anything but. Just a few of the common details involved in settling an estate include notifying government agencies, creditors and insurance companies of the death, collecting money owed to the estate, paying the estate’s bills and filing tax returns, just to name a few.

Ensure your last wishes are honored with a no contest clause

It is not uncommon for a person to put what is known as an “in terrorem” or “no contest” clause in his or her will. This clause states that anyone who contests or challenges the terms of the estate plan will automatically be disinherited.

Charitable trusts can continue your legacy after your death

During the estate planning process, it is important to think about the legacy you wish to leave behind. Of course, you will likely want to make plans to ensure that your friends and family members are taken care of, but you may also wish to set up a trust so that others can benefit from your good fortune. Many people have the mistaken belief that only those with a large estate can set up charitable trusts, but in reality, even the smallest of estates can include one.

Woman loses petition to become husband’s legal guardian

As the number of people living in Lee County, Florida and the United States who are 65 and older grows, so too does the rate of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. These illnesses can have an effect on every aspect of a person’s life, including estate planning.

Custodial grandparents should appoint guardian in their will

More and more grandparents in Lee County these days are taking on the role of primary caretaker for their grandchildren. Many probably never dreamed that they would be doing so, and are faced with a variety of challenges that include changes in retirement plans, finances and health. Raising a child is certainly not for the faint of heart, but grandparents can gain a real sense of pride as their grandchild grows up under their care.