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November 2013 Archives

There is more to estate planning than just writing a will

When people in Lee County think of estate planning, many think of writing a last will and testament, establishing trusts and other methods for the protection and disbursement of assets after a person’s death. There is much more to estate planning, however. Often an estate plan will also include legal arrangements for who should handle their affairs and how, in the event that a person becomes, for some reason, unable to make decisions for themselves.

Family of Pinellas Park woman claim guardian is mishandling case

Many people are not aware that complete estate planning does not begin and end with writing a will. Estate planning also often addresses other details, such as a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment and care. Without pre specifying how a persons wants to be taken care of, and by whom, the legal authority for making those decisions could be given to a complete stranger in the form of a court appointed guardian, who may not always have the best interests of those who are in their charge at heart.

Chemistry professor leaves university $2.2 million in will

For the most part, people in Lee County understand the importance of creating an estate plan, including a will. While people often utilize estate planning and creation of a will for protecting their family and assets after their death, some people also choose to give gifts to institutions or organizations they were involved with or that impacted them in some way or to establish foundations or trusts for charity work.

Estate plan a must when you own homes in different states

It is not uncommon for property owners in Lee County to also own other property or properties elsewhere in Florida or in another state within the U.S. While this offers people a certain level of versatility during their lifetime, it can be the cause of serious headaches for a person’s beneficiaries after their death. As is the case with most estate complexities, however, careful estate planning can help to avoid unnecessary problems later on.