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January 2014 Archives

Validity of sisters' wills called into question

When it comes to planning your estate in Lee County, Florida, you may be overwhelmed just thinking about it and for good reason too. There are a variety of different circumstances that can affect the way estate planning should be done. If all of your i’s aren’t dotted and t’s not crossed, you can leave a big mess for your beneficiaries and your estate may not be divided the way you want it to be.

Beneficiary sues estate's representative

When it comes to your estate in Lee County, Florida, planning what will happen to it after your death can be overwhelming. However, if you want to ensure that the people you love will get the things you desire them to have, it is absolutely necessary to speak with an estate planning attorney and get everything in writing.

Jewish group offers guardianship education to Florida parents

Parents often face many difficult decisions for their children such as where the children should be educated, their religious beliefs and medical care. Such decisions can be more complex with a special needs child, especially as they grow and enter adulthood. Parents have a legal responsibility as well as a moral one to make sure that their children receive the best of care as minors. However, when the child reaches legal age, parents may need to take legal steps to retain guardianship of them.

After administrator dies, man's heirs vie for control of estate

Many people in Lee County, and elsewhere, have the misconception that estate planning is only for those who will leave behind significant assets. Regardless of the size of a person’s estate, there are often are still details that must be settled. For those who die without wills, the court will typically appoint an administrator to handle the probate process and ensure that all of the decedent’s affairs are in order, which in some cases may cause other legal issues to arise.