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May 2014 Archives

Why women need start their estate plan now

Although estate planning is a good idea for just about everyone in the Lee County area, and anywhere else, there are some people who should be working on it even more than others. Of course, estate planning is not gender-specific, but there are some reasons that women should consider getting their ducks in a row, so to speak, even more so than men.

What are your estate planning objectives?

Although it might seem like it would be fairly basic, estate planning can actually have many different twists and turns. Even though most people in the Lee County area, and anywhere else, probably have the same basic objectives for their estate plan, most estate plans are actually unique to each individual person’s family situation and needs. That’s why it’s important to have a solid estate plan in place, and why people should take the time to review their plan after they’ve set it up.

Be sure to ask these questions about your estate plan

When it comes to estate planning in Lee County, or anywhere else, there are so many important questions that need to be asked, as well as answered. Preparing for one’s death might not be a person’s favorite subject, but nevertheless, it is very important to plan for your loved ones before you’re gone.

Make sure your estate plan includes your digital assets

Estate planning is something that everyone in Lee County should do. However, everyone should eat healthy and exercise as well, but that doesn’t mean everyone does it. Just like eating right, estate planning is often ignored. Even if you do have an estate plan in place, people’s life situations are always changing, which means it’s always a good idea to review your estate plan.