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June 2014 Archives

What’s the best thing to leave for your heirs?

When it comes to investment accounts, there are a lot of dos and don’ts. The same can also be said about estate planning and how you set up your investments as part of your estate plan. Anyone in the Lee County area, who has investments accounts or other valuable assets, should take the time to come up with an estate plan, no matter what stage of life he or she is in.

Estate planning is not just for the elderly and married

Although many people think that estate planning is only for the elderly and in some cases only for those who are married or have children, that’s not necessarily correct. While it may be true that the majority of younger people in the Lee County area do not worry about planning for their estate, the fact is preparing for life after you’re gone is important at any age.

Battle over care of Casey Kasam gets more heated

When a person reaches a point in life that he or she is no longer able to care for him or herself or make important decisions, it’s often left up to a family member to be in charge of that person. Sometimes, a certain family member will be awarded a guardianship over the person who has become unable to care for him or herself. However, sometimes, those decisions can be the source of controversy between different families members with a vested interest.

Remember your digital life when planning your estate

It’s well known that estate planning is a good idea. However even though many people, if not most, know they should plan for their loved ones and their future, many people still neglect to do that very thing. Creating an estate plan is very important for everyone in the Lee County area, but it can involve many different aspects. Sometimes people overlook some of those aspects, including their digital life.