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August 2014 Archives

How to plan your estate for two separate families

Families come in all types and sizes these days, including many people who have been married more than once and who have children with more than one spouse. Although all people who have dependents should consider their estate-planning carefully, those people in the Lee County area that have two families or mixed families have even more to think about when they prepare their estate plans.

Important lessons learned form late actor's estate plan

The list of reasons of why people either don’t have an estate plan or they haven’t updated it in a while can go on forever. For a lot of people in Lee County, having an estate plan can be uncomfortable because they don’t want to discuss their own death. For others, it can simply be a matter of laziness. Still, others who have a plan fail to ever get around to updating it. However, that can be a big a mistake.

Costly estate planning mistakes you need to be aware of

Most people in the Lee County area and elsewhere know that having an estate plan is important. However, many people still don’t have one in place. Even those people who have taken the necessary steps to get their estate plan set up sometimes make costly errors that can lead to big problems for their heirs when they do pass away. In order to avoid these kinds of mistakes, it’s important to review your estate plan often, including with a qualified professional.