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September 2014 Archives

The different types and aspects of power of attorney

A power of attorney is a document that allows a person in Lee County, or elsewhere, to state in writing that another person, or persons (the agent), can act for and in behalf of him or her (the principal). When given power of attorney, the agent can perform any legal act that he or she is asked to do by the principal. However, there are different kinds of power of attorney and each type works a little differently.

What’s the purpose of a preneed guardianship?

At Levins & Associates, L.L.C., we know that as a parent you would never want to leave your children without the care they need to sustain their lives. However, although most parents do everything they can to support their minor children, sometimes bad things happen that can leave parents unable to continue providing that care.

How would you rate your assets: good or bad?

Just about everyone in the Lee County area has assets and property that they value. However, not everyone has a long-term protection plan in place for those assets. Preparing an estate plan is important for everyone, but making sure you have the right kinds of assets to leave behind is just as important.

Handling the probate process as the executor

1handlingtheprobateprocessasexecutor.pngAt Levins & Associates, L.L.C., we deal with people in Lee County all the time that have lost loved ones. We understand that every situation is unique and that it's important for you to consider the probate process regarding a loved one's wishes for his or her estate. The probate process can be difficult and many concerns can arise during this period, especially if you are the executor.

Preparing for the worst

The possibility of being taken from this earth prematurely or having a catastrophic accident that causes significant incapacity of physical or mental abilities is something no one wants to think about. However, carefully considering what you would want to have happen if such a catastrophe were to happen to you is something that can be very important.

Six things estate planning can help with

Nobody in the Lee County area, or anywhere else, likes to discuss his or her own death. In fact, it can be such an uncomfortable subject for some people that they will never even bring it up. However, avoiding talking about one’s death, or even worse, not planning for one’s wishes after death, can lead to many other uncomfortable things to deal with for those who are left behind.