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Preparing for the worst

The possibility of being taken from this earth prematurely or having a catastrophic accident that causes significant incapacity of physical or mental abilities is something no one wants to think about. However, carefully considering what you would want to have happen if such a catastrophe were to happen to you is something that can be very important.

For parents, one of the most precious things in their life is their children. There is little, if anything, that is more important to parents than ensuring that their kids receive the care they need. Thus, a major concern a parent may have is what would happen to his/her kids if he/she were to die or become seriously incapacitated.

Thankfully, parents don't have to leave this issue to chance. Through careful planning, a parent can take steps aimed at ensuring that their children are properly taken care of if disaster were to strike.

One step parents here in Florida can take is to create and file with a court a Declaration of Pre-Need Guardianship. This document allows a parent to designate a person to whom the duties and responsibilities of caring for the parent's minor children would be transferred in the event that the parent becomes incapacitated or dies. Parents may have a very strong view on who would be best-suited to take care of their kids if something were to happen to them, and this document allows them to legally enshrine this preference.

See our guardianship page for more information about the establishment of pre-need guardians and other guardianship issues.

Helping parents develop plans for what would happen with their kids if the worst were to happen is one of the services our firm can provide. We can assist parents with the Declaration of Pre-Need Guardianship process and related matters.

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