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Six things estate planning can help with

Nobody in the Lee County area, or anywhere else, likes to discuss his or her own death. In fact, it can be such an uncomfortable subject for some people that they will never even bring it up. However, avoiding talking about one’s death, or even worse, not planning for one’s wishes after death, can lead to many other uncomfortable things to deal with for those who are left behind.

In fact, there are several things that estate planning can help with, both while a person is still living and after he or she dies. Here are just a few of the most important factors that estate planning can help a person take care of, according to Findlaw.

  • Help ensure that one’s property is distributed to those individuals or organizations that he or she truly desires, with as little hassle and in the timeliest manner as possible.
  • Determine which family members or other loved ones that a person wishes to give his or her property to after death.
  • Identify what kind of long-term medical care a person wants if he or she can no longer make those decisions.
  • Help minimize the tax bill that one’s beneficiaries will have to pay when they receive their inheritance.
  • Plan and prepare one’s funeral arrangements, including payment.
  • Help avoid the costs and hassles of allowing ones assets go to probate.

While estate planning might not be at the top of everyone’s list of tings to do, it is something that is for everyone. In fact, according to Estateplanning.com, there is another significant benefit of having an estate plan. If a person dies without an estate plan in place, then the court system of state where that person lives will end up determining what happens to that person’s assets, whether his or her family agrees with the outcome.

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