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What’s the purpose of a preneed guardianship?

At Levins & Associates, L.L.C., we know that as a parent you would never want to leave your children without the care they need to sustain their lives. However, although most parents do everything they can to support their minor children, sometimes bad things happen that can leave parents unable to continue providing that care.

Although most people don’t want to even think about such a scenario, one way to prepare for an unforeseen or untimely event is to set up a preneed guardianship for your minor children. A preneed guardianship can actually give you some peace of mind in regards to your children if something bad should happen to you before your children turn 18.

The purpose of a preneed guardianship is essentially to allow you to determine who will take over your role as parent, instead of the courts, in the event you die unexpectedly or are no longer mentally or physically able to continue caring for your children. It also protects your child from possibly being awarded to the state. In order to set up a preneed guardianship you will have to file a declaration of a preneed guardianship in court.

Meantime, according to The Florida Legislature, a declaration of preneed guardianship must be written and it must clearly identify the declarant and the designated preneed guardian. The declaration must also be signed before two witnesses by the declarant, and it must also contain the full name, birth date and social security number of each minor child.

If you have questions about setting up a guardianship for your children, you can learn more by visiting our guardianship page.

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