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October 2014 Archives

Common situations for having a guardianship

One good way to take care of one’s loved ones is through a guardianship. When it comes to guardianships, many people in the Lee County area might think that they are just for children. However, there are other circumstances in which guardianships are an effective way to take care of one’s loved ones.

What are the advantages of having a living trust?

When it comes to estate planning in Lee County, or anywhere else, there are many different possible components. Many people who have an estate plan in place have a will, some kind of trust and/or a power of attorney in place. There are still other types of components, as well, including guardianships, living wills and living trusts. So if you have a will is it necessary to have a living trust, too?

What kind of powers of attorney should you give your agent?

There are many situations in life that can lead a person in Lee County to consider giving someone else power of attorney. Many times power of attorney is part of life planning or estate planning. However, it can be used in many other situations as well. There are several situations in your life that could lead to you giving power of attorney to another person, but exactly which kind to give is the key.

Who should get your money when you die?

Although estate planning is a good idea for everyone, including anyone in the Lee County area, many people still do not have an estate plan in place. Even those who do have an estate plan might need to review it if they haven’t updated it in a while. That’s because life’s circumstances can change often. Plus, laws and regulations concerning many estate planning items can also change.