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Common situations for having a guardianship

One good way to take care of one’s loved ones is through a guardianship. When it comes to guardianships, many people in the Lee County area might think that they are just for children. However, there are other circumstances in which guardianships are an effective way to take care of one’s loved ones.

According to Children-Laws.laws.com, a legal guardian is a person who legally takes over the care and responsibility of another person. A legal guardianship can be set up for children as well as for adults. 

One of the most common reasons for a guardianship is to protect one’s young children in the event that the children’s parents die or that they are no longer able to care them. For example, if both parents were to become incapacitated in an accident, then the guardianship of their children would have to be awarded to someone else. By setting up a guardianship people can determine who that is instead of the court deciding.

Another type of situation that could require a guardianship is when parents have a child with special needs. This allows people to designate someone to care for their child after they have passed away. That’s important because many special needs children will need care for their entire life.

Meantime, some situations in life call for adults to be placed in the care of someone else. Anyone who has a debilitating disease or injury who can no longer care for him or herself will need to have a guardian. For example, according to Alzheimers.net, a patient who is living alone in an unsafe situation and who won’t accept help is someone who might need a guardianship.

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