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November 2014 Archives

Avoid these nightmare estate-planning mistakes

Although many people recognize the importance of estate planning, not everyone in the Lee County area knows all the answers. There are many important steps to consider when people are planning for their estate and their loved ones. Some steps are crucial in order for people to get the most out of their estate plan. At the same time, there are some critical errors that people can make that can be very costly.

Important steps to help you get your estate plan rolling

Death: it’s not a pleasant term. In fact, it’s something that people in Lee County, or anywhere else, rarely want to even talk about. Perhaps death is so hard to talk about because it’s such an unknown. However, death is inevitable so planning for your assets and loved ones after your death doesn’t have to be an unknown. It can actually make life after death quite straightforward with the right estate planning tools in place.

What are some important questions to ask when estate planning?

When it comes to estate planning in Lee County, or anywhere else, people can have a lot of different questions about the process. Although some aspects of estate planning might seem obvious, like having a will, for example, there are many other aspects that a lot of people might not be aware of. So what are some of the important questions you should be asking in order to plan for your estate?

Getting through the probate process

Although many people in the Lee County area recognize the importance of estate planning, at Levins & Associates, L.L.C., we understand that a lot of people have many questions about the many different aspects of this process. Estate planning can be confusing and knowing which aspects to utilize in your individual situation can be daunting.