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June 2015 Archives

What happens to a mortgage after death?

If you’ve been named as the executor of family member or friend’s will in Fort Myers, you may be hoping the whole matter remains as simple as reading the will and handing out the assets. Yet what if debt issues arise, such as a foreclosure on the deceased’s home? What are you, as executor, to do?

New process for court-appointed guardianships

Florida has long been known as a state where many retirees live. The sunny days and mild climate make it an ideal place for people to spend their post-working years. This reality, however, does make issues pertaining to senior citizens more pertinent to Floridians than to people in other parts of the country. For many persons, this can include the issue of a potential guardianship.

Florida lawmakers promote guardianship reform

When hearing discussions about guardianships, the thoughts of many people in Florida may initially turn to guardianships of minor children. Another common situation resulting in the need for designation of a guardian is incapacity due to a disability or a mental illness. With a growing elderly population, such guardianships can be created to help provide care for aging adults.