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August 2015 Archives

How is a person identified as incapacitated?

Like many other Florida residents, you may have a family member with a condition that renders that person unable to properly care for themselves. This can happen due to an accident, illness or even a congenital problem like a birth defect. No matter the reason, it is important to help make sure your loved one is properly cared for. Establishing a guardianship can be one way of doing this. You or someone else can be named as a legal guardian for children, parents and others. It is also possible for a court appointed guardian to be named for an incapacitated individual.

What are some tips on creating a will?

Estate planning can often be easy to put off especially by younger people. This, however, is a very short-sighted approach as every Floridian can benefit from having their post-death wishes identified ahead of time. Some people postpone creating wills or trusts because they are unsure of how to approach this process. Understanding some of the aspects of wills and will execution can help to take the mystery out of this important life step.

What is an oral will?

As a Florida resident, you are likely aware that there are many options available to you for your estate planning. First, there are different types of documents such as wills and trusts from which to choose. Once you have decided which one of these you may want to pursue, you must then decide which type of will or trust is best for your circumstances. In the world of wills, for example, you can create a living will, a joint will, a holographic will and even an oral will.

Ways to preserve assets after death

Florida residents who are interested in taking care of their belongings, assets and family members after they die know that there are many options available to them. The range of estate planning tools includes wills, trusts and more. Each option has different pros and cons related to tax responsibilities, the distribution of assets, probate issues and more. People who are particularly interested in making sure any distributions to heirs are not squandered or lost unnecessarily can do so with the right planning.