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September 2015 Archives

Guardianship reform getting attention in Florida

Concerns about guardianships over elderly persons have garnered much attention in Florida this year. A proposed reform bill failed to pass the state legislature yet residents have not seen the end of this effort. A state senator has vowed to make guardianship reform as it pertains to elder law a priority for the next legislative session notes the Herald Tribune.

A prenup as part of an estate plan

If you are getting married in Florida, there’s a good chance that this is a second or subsequent marriage for you or your future spouse. Remarriages today account for a good portion of all weddings that take place in the United States. Because a large number of people entering into these marriages have been divorced (some have been widowed), they understand the potential for divorce perhaps more than people getting married for the first time. This awareness can make you more likely to consider a premarital agreement.

Important estate planning issues for baby boomers

Estate planning needs can vary based upon what stage of life people are at. Baby boomers in Florida should take the time to review their estate plans or to create them if they do not already have them in place. People in this age bracket can face unique issues that require thorough thought in order to avoid family disputes, negative tax implications or problems with will execution.

What is the job of a health proxy?

Sometimes, people may wonder what they are supposed to do if they ever get into a situation where they become unable to make their own medical decisions. Whether it’s due to a sudden accident or any other unpredictable reason, there are ways for a person to prepare for the potential of losing their ability to make their own choices.

How debts are handled in probate

neversay.jpgWhen a person dies in Florida, there are many issues for heirs to address. Among these is the handling of the deceased person's estate. How exactly this happens depends in part upon whether or not the person had a will, a trust or other form of estate planning already determined. In many cases, even those with wills or living wills, probate becomes part of the process.