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February 2016 Archives

Florida may allow pre-death planning for electronic data

When making estate plans in Florida, most people commonly focus on what to do with their assets. Choices about homes or other real estate, savings, other assets, and personal belongings are made when creating wills or trusts. However, there are other issues that people should also be taking into consideration at this time. One of those involves what will happen to their electronic records after death.

Understanding powers of attorney

When a person in Florida becomes unable to take care of certain legal things, a power of attorney can be created to allow another party the ability to manage important affairs. A power of attorney may also be created before a need for assistance arises in order to prevent being left without a good option for how to take care of things.

Contests to wills in Florida

When somebody in Florida dies, it is not uncommon for relatives or others to be surprised about the person’s wishes as laid out in a will. People may have been verbally told that the wishes were different than they appear in the final will. Family members may even have reason to believe that the decedent was exploited in some way or coerced into making some of the decisions noted in a will. These are just some of the reasons that may lead people to contest a will.

Reviewing estate plans a good idea

Florida residents who have taken the steps necessary to put together their estate plans should be proud of their efforts to protect their assets in this way. However, estate planning is not a one-time activity. There are many situations that logically warrant a review and possibly even a revision to existing plans, including even a simple change of mind.