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July 2016 Archives

Estate planning and cremation

When thinking about estate planning, many people's minds immediately think about who will get what from their estates after they die. While this is one important aspect of estate planning, it can also be important for Floridians to give attention to what will happen to their bodies after they die.

Estate planning afer a terminal diagnosis

When going to a doctor few people expect or are prepared to be on the receiving end of a terminal diagnosis. When this does happen, Florida residents can experience a myriad of emotions and their thoughts turn to many new concerns. People who have not engaged in any form of estate planning may understandably feel a sense of panic about this that only adds to the weight of the diagnosis itself.

Estate planning after a new marriage

Are you one of the many Florida residents who has gotten remarried after a previous divorce? Maybe you lost your first spouse and then remarried. Either way, if either you or your children have children from your first marriage, you should make revisiting your estate plans a priority. Why? You now have what could be competing interests in your life for your estate after you die. No matter how well your children and your new spouse get along, things can change when it comes time to divvy up your assets.