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August 2016 Archives

Planning your own funeral becoming more popular

If you are considering making or updating your will, trust or other estate planning documents, now can be a good time for you to also consider your wishes for any funeral that may be held for you after you die. Many Floridians are taking advantage of the opportunity to essentially plan their own funerals. There are many benefits to you and to your family members of doing this.

Terms used to describe assets in estate planning

There are many reasons that people might put off creating a will, trust or some other type of estate plans. If you are like a lot of Florida residents, you may not think you have enough assets to warrant this type of effort. You may also not be emotionally ready to confront your own mortality. You may also be a bit intimidated by the legal jargon that is often used in conjunction with these things. All of these are understandable but should not stand in the way of you taking care of your estate and your heirs.

Two elderly man victims of financial abuse

Most people in Florida consider estate planning something that helps to put things in order for after one dies. While it certainly is true that a will or a trust can outline plans for handling a person's assets after death, a good estate plan can also help protect people and their assets while they are still living. The simple act of having family members involved in an elderly person's finances may be an essential way of preventing elder financial abuse.

Don't let fear of death prevent estate planning

If you are like many other Floridians, talking about death - especially your own - is not always the easiest or most comfortable thing to do. In fact, you may prefer to do almost anything else than talking about dying. This understandable aversion to fixating on our own demise, however, can lead you to avoid other things that are important and ultimately beneficial for you and your family members.