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What documents do you need to plan an estate?

You may know you need a will, but when you are ready to plan your Florida estate, there are other steps you will want to take, as well. According to Wells Fargo, there are a number of basic documents you should include.

One document you will likely want to include is your plan for your burial and funeral. To make sure your wishes are followed, you should identify who you want to plan your funeral. If you do not spell out what you want, your funeral will probably be arranged by surviving relatives.

You also may want to draw up a durable powers of attorney for your future health needs. Before completing this document, it is typically a good idea to speak to the person you would like in this role. If you are incapacitated, your health decisions will be carried out by this person, and you will want to ensure they are up to the task. A living will also addresses this issue by establishing what your wishes are, should you become incapacitated and are in need of procedures to sustain your life. The living will can be changed by you later on if you choose to grant someone a powers of attorney.

Naming your child’s guardian and detailing which family members receive certain assets are done through a will. Wills are not an ironclad guarantee that an asset will be distributed according to your wishes though, if another person, such as a spouse, is a co-owner. Also, as you craft your will, it is good to remember that your estate may still go to a probate court. If there are certain provisions you want in your will, your will can accommodate these.

This information is meant to inform and should not be considered legal advice. 

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