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April 2017 Archives

Choosing an executor to administer your estate

When crafting your estate plan, there are many decisions that one must make — end of life preferences, how to protect various assets and who should be your beneficiaries, for example. One of the most important decisions you will make when crafting your estate plan is appointing an executor to your estate. This individual can generally be just about anyone (with some exceptions), but they must be prepared to carry out your wishes competently and fairly, and must handle a number of fairly complex legal matters.

New bill seeks to amend guardianship rules

Guardianship can be both big business and big trouble in Florida, and a new bill heading to the governor's desk aims to help some of the state's most vulnerable residents. However, the issues at hand are far from simple, and the bill has both supporters and detractors. Critics of the bill worry that the new bill may allow vulnerable wards to suffer if the individuals given responsibility to care for them are given less oversight, while it's supporters say that the new changes keep the incapacitated person from footing the bill for unnecessary legal costs.

Have you updated your will since moving to Florida?

Florida is famously a place where many individuals and couples relocate in their golden years to enjoy warm, inviting weather and plenty of sunshine. However, many aging individuals neglect to keep their loved ones safe by failing to take simple preventative measures when they relocate. If you have recently moved to Florida, or intend to do so soon, make sure that you have properly updated your will.

A prenuptial agreement can be part of your estate plan

prenup.pngAs you prepare to get married, you will be making plans for everything from wedding cake flavors to honeymoon locations. In addition to these plans, you will find it beneficial to also consider any necessary adjustments to your estate plan. If you do not have a will or other important documents already drafted, an impending marriage is a good occasion to put your financial and estate-related affairs in order.