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May 2017 Archives

You must fund a trust properly to enjoy its benefits

you must fund your trust property to enjoy its benefits.jpgIf you have significant assets and wish to protect them from the probate process, then you have probably considered using some form of trust to accomplish this goal. As any estate planning attorney can tell you, employing a trust has many attractive benefits, but those benefits may never be realized if you do not do your part as the creator of the trust to fund it properly.

Does my executor need legal assistance?

Deciding who is best suited to act as the executor of your estate is a big decision, one which neither you nor the person you appoint should take lightly. In many cases, the details of an estate plan are either complicated or may entail a certain degree of conflict, in which case it is usually wise to aid your executor with some proper help.

Do you need to amend your will?

Florida is known as a place where thousands of individuals from all across the country choose to live later in life, often in their retirement. For many of those who move to Florida in their golden years, their wills were created long ago, and they assume that this is good enough. After all, many American's don't even have a will, right? While it is true that having some will is better than no will, there are many instances where it is wise to update your will to ensure that your loved ones remain protected and your wishes are made clear.

Are you responsible for a deceased loved one's debts?

As you work to settle the affairs of a recently deceased loved one's estate, you undoubtedly have many tasks ahead of you. You may feel uncertain about how to handle some of those duties, especially when it comes to financial aspects of the estate. Because you want to carry out your family member's final wishes to the best of your ability, you may need to gain more information on how to handle specific responsibilities.