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June 2017 Archives

Guardianship is a significant responsibility

Taking on legal guardianship for a child in need is a wonderful act of love and service, and it is also an enormous responsibility. Before you sign on the dotted line and become a child's legal guardian, be sure that you have carefully considered all the implications of this duty so that you can properly prepare yourself to fully rise to the occasion.

Estate plans for same-sex couples require special attention

If you are a part of a same-sex relationship, there are a number of ways your estate plan may be a bit more complex than those of heterosexual couples. Unfortunately, there are a number of laws that still lag behind the changing tide of public opinion, and setting aside the unfairness of the situation, if you want to ensure that your estate plan serves your interests and provides for your partner, there are several key considerations to attend to. One of the most prevalent issues is marriages to previous partners that you might assume were invalid outside of the state where you registered.

Be careful when putting conditions on receiving gifts in a will

When you create a will, you are making a legally binding document that declares your end of life wishes and your preferences for how your property should be divided when you pass away. Beyond directing your family and loved ones about how to properly approach the end of your life, you also set forth who receives which pieces of your property. For many reasons, you may choose to place conditions on how or when a beneficiary receives a piece of property from your estate.

A trust to match the special needs of your family

It is important to protect your loved ones and ensure that they have everything they need well into the future, even if you are not around to see it happen. One of the ways that Florida families can do this is with the establishment of a trust, especially those that have special needs family members.

Does Florida recognize trusts created in another state?

Florida famously hosts many retirees as they enter their golden years and move South to retire in style. However, many retiring or relocating individuals may worry that moving to Florida from some other state may adversely affect their existing estate plans in some way, specifically trusts created in another state. After all, trusts are state-specific documents.