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August 2017 Archives

Do you have all your end-of-life documents ready?

When it comes to making your end-of-life wishes known, it is important to understand the differences between creating an advanced medical directive and appointing a health care representative. Far too many people do not fully execute one or the other of these two aspects of end-of-life planning, greatly weakening their loved one's power to follow their wishes. Still others seem to think that advanced medical directives and health care representative appointments are the same thing. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding often causes serious problems.

How can an attorney help an estate executor?

As the executor of an estate, you may face many difficult decisions, especially when the estate you represent is particularly complex. In a best-case-scenario, serving as an executor is something that you can do with pride and know that you're serving the needs of the estate you represent. However, if matters become complicated, as they often do, you may benefit from experienced legal guidance.

Family trusts require special care to avoid family conflicts

Family trusts are great tools for making sure that assets can be fairly shared and enjoyed by various members of a family, which is a wonderful thing as long as it all goes smoothly. Unfortunately, while the legal concepts that support family trusts are sound, all such trusts inevitably involve several fallible human beings, which can always complicate matters. If you are considering using a family trust, make sure you understand how many conflicts can arise.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement that stands up to scrutiny

When a Florida couple is planning a wedding, it can be difficult to think about anything beyond the wedding day itself. The excitement over wedding plans and starting life together can sometimes prevent a couple from thinking about the future and protecting long-term financial interests.