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February 2018 Archives

Digital assets and changes to estate planning

digital assets and changes to estate planning.jpgFlorida readers know that an estate plan is always a good idea, regardless of a person's age, heath or the value of his or her estate. Estate plans can allow you to decide what will happen to your property, including everything from your home to your valuables. However, many estate plans also now include terms that address digital assets as well.

Examine the details before converting a Roth IRA

examine the details before convert roth ira.jpgEstate planning, unlike a certain rotisserie oven, is not a matter one should simply "set and forget." In fact, leaving an estate plan unchanged or reviewed for too long may virtually guarantee conflicts when it comes time to disperse assets to your beneficiaries. The laws that govern estate planning change regularly, so it is important to review your estate plan to take advantage of these changes regularly, or at least every three to four years.

James Brown's estate still facing legal challenges

jamesbrownestate still facing legal challenges.jpgMore than a decade after music legend James Brown passed away on Christmas Day in 2006, his estate plan remains contested, keeping many heirs from receiving any portion of his multimillion-dollar estate. Many different parties claim that the plan excludes them in one way or another, or includes terms that do not reflect the limits of copyright law.

It is time to review your estate plan

Even if you only recently assembled an estate plan, it is probably time to review and possibly amend it. With the passage of the recent tax reform laws, many estate plans created over the last several decades are now significantly uncalibrated to fully take advantage of the new rules and exemptions.