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April 2018 Archives

Will certain mistakes cause problems with your estate plan?

Will certain mistakes cause problems with your estate plan.pngFor most Florida readers, estate planning is an important step. Regardless of your income or the size of your estate, you know that estate planning is a critical part of ensuring the care of your loved ones in the future. It can also provide you a measure of control over what will happen to your assets after you pass away.

Important tips for choosing a child guardian in Florida

Important tips for choosing a child guardian in florida.pngIf you have children, or are planning on having children, there is an important decision that both parents must make. That decision is who will serve as the legal guardian of the children should you and the other parent die before the children reach the age of 18. This is a very difficult discussion to have but it should never be skipped. Here are some tips for choosing a guardian for your children in Florida.

Tips for choosing a power of attorney

Tips on choosing a Power of Attorney.pngA power of attorney is an important designation that everyone should choose at one point during his or her life. This designation is typically found in a will that is created by an individual or a couple. It can be difficult to pick someone to serve as your power of attorney.

Things to consider when choosing a trustee

Assigning someone you trust to serve as your trustee is a difficult task, and one that you may easily underestimate. Before simply naming a friend or associate as your trustee, be sure that you understand which qualities a good trustee must possess, in order to keep your affairs in order and make sure that you do not invite necessary risk into your estate plan.