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October 2018 Archives

Life changes may necessitate changes to your existing will

life changes necessitate changes to will.pngLife is unpredictable, and sometimes, significant life events can alter various areas of your life. Walking through these changes in life can be complex and even overwhelming, but you would be wise to remember how these changes could impact your estate plan. There are times during which a life event or changes in family dynamic could mean that it is necessary to adjust the terms of your will and other estate documents.

Can an educational trust be used for anything else?

educational trust.pngYour parents left you an educational trust so that you would never have to worry about tuition costs. However, you have quickly learned that life comes with a lot of other costs, and you're wondering if you can use the trust for anything else. It's not as if you want to spend it all on a vacation or a new car. These are very real life expenses that you feel your parents would have approved of.