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November 2018 Archives

7 common types of trusts

seven common types of trusts.pngThe way that the trust administration process plays out depends on the specific stipulations in that trust, the goals of the original creator of the document and what type of trust it is. Everyone who sets up a trust should have considered all of their options to determine exactly what fits best with their family, their needs and their plans for the future.

Consider small items when writing a will

consider small things when writing will.pngAmong your largest assets that you plan to pass on to your children are probably your home, a life insurance policy and a retirement account. These are important assets, but their inclusion in your will may not be as important as smaller, sentimental items that do not have nearly the same financial value.

5 reasons to create your estate plan today

5 reasons to update will.pngYour estate plan should never be an afterthought or something you throw together just to technically "cover your bases." You need to give it the proper amount of consideration and planning so that it really addresses what your family needs. Remember, this is your final chance to help them move forward with their lives, and you don't want to make any mistakes.