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January 2019 Archives

Estate planning after a divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging and stressful times in life. The marriage you've worked so hard to build is no longer working. You and your spouse might be fighting constantly. You might no longer love each other. Maybe you only stayed together until your children reached adulthood. Whatever the reason for the divorce, you need to know how to make changes to your estate plan once the divorce is finalized.

The importance of detailed records when executing a will

If someone named you as the executor or administrator of their estate, it is very likely that they held you in high esteem. They likely trust your ability to remain organized while handling all the details of the estate and believed that you were ethical enough to fulfill your obligations to all of the beneficiaries and heirs.

Wills are useful planning tools but also have downsides

Wanting to create an estate plan is a wonderful desire to have. Creating important documents that get your affairs in order can bring about peace of mind for you and sense of relief for your surviving family when the time comes to settle your estate. Of course, it is important that you consider the various planning options available to you.

A quick checklist for funeral planning

a quick checklist for funeral planning.pngFuneral planning should be part of your estate planning process if you want to make everything go smoothly for your children. This lets them know what you want -- and gives you a chance to consider the financial side of the plan. Leaving money to cover the costs of your funeral and directions to show your desires takes a lot of stress out of what is sure to be an emotional time.