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March 2019 Archives

What to expect if chosen as a guardian

Being chosen as a guardian for someone else's child is an important responsibility. You might never have to exercise this responsibility, but you should still be prepared to take care of the child if the unthinkable happens to his or her parents. Let's take a look at what you should expect if you are chosen as the guardian of someone else's children in today's post.

What you can learn from celebrity probates

If you've been putting off discussing matters of your estate with your spouse or other loved ones, you might change your mind and want to get the ball rolling after you read this post. It's understandable that many people in Florida and elsewhere hesitate to talk about estate planning because it has to do with mortality. However, quite a few celebrities have died in the past few years who made the mistake of not having a signed estate plan in place.

Reasons to create a revocable trust

If you are sitting down to create a will, or to update your current one, it's important to think about adding a revocable trust to your estate plan. A revocable trust is a legal document that you have total control over while alive and can revoke it at any time before you pass away. Today, we will explore the reasons why you should create a revocable trust.

The benefits of a revocable trust

Creating a revocable trust is one option you have to make sure your estate is passed to your beneficiaries upon your death. A revocable trust is created by signing a document and naming a person, corporation or both entities to be the administrator of the trust. The person who creates the trust is known as the grantor. The trust is to be administered in the best interest of the grantor, even while he or she is still alive. Here are some benefits of a revocable trust.

How an estate plan can prevent family disputes

The creation of an estate plan can help prevent family disputes long after you are gone. Families that don't have estate plans in place could wind up fighting over assets, money, property and other inheritance items upon your death. The fighting could become so intense that your children might stop speaking to each other. Here's how an estate plan can help avoid family disputes.