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Benefits of naming an attorney as executor

When you sit down to create your will and estate plan, it's important to choose someone you trust as your executor. The most logical choice is your attorney. Why? When an attorney serves as your executor, you are putting yourself and your family in a safe situation when the inevitable happens. Here are some benefits of naming an attorney as your executor.

For starters, when you name an attorney as executor, you can help reduce the stress your family experiences upon your death. They will already be stressed and upset over your loss. You don't need them to suffer any additional stress that can easily be avoided.

An attorney as your executor can help your estate avoid probate. Anyone else named as executor could wind up making a mistake when filing paperwork or handling other legal issues, which could send the estate to probate. Probate could wind up lasting more than one year if not handled by an attorney.

If an attorney is named as your executor, he or she can help resolve any family conflicts that might arise after your death. The attorney will be able to distribute assets based on the will so that no one claims the executor was acting in their own best interest instead of the best interest of the will and estate.

There's nothing wrong with naming a family friend or a family member as the executor of your state. But, will they be able to handle the legal paperwork and mediate any fights that occur after your death? An attorney can handle all of this and ensure that your wishes are carried out in full.

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