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Who you should pick as a guardian of an elderly person

Finding a guardian for an elderly family member is not easy. You have to come to terms with the fact that your loved one needs a guardian, for whatever reason. You then need to find someone you can trust who can be named a guardian if you are unable to do it yourself. Picking someone other than yourself or a sibling to be the guardian of an elderly loved one usually happens when you live far from your loved one.

When you begin your search for a guardian for your elderly parent, first look at your family. Try to talk to any adult member of the family who lives near your parent. It can be difficult to serve as your parent's guardian if you do not live close to them.

Talk with your family members and find out who is interested in serving as a guardian, especially if they live close to your parent. Make sure you trust the people with whom you are speaking and that they have a clear understanding of their role.

If there aren't any family members available, consider speaking with your parent's neighbors. If they have lived next to each other long enough you should know them personally and your parent should too. This could make your parent feel very comfortable knowing they have someone right next door who can help them when needed.

Picking the right person to serve as guardian for your elderly loved one can be challenging. Make sure you choose someone you would trust with your own life and someone who is close to where your loved one lives.

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