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Estate Planning Archives

The benefits of a prenuptial agreement to your estate plan

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that many couples sign prior to getting married. There's also the option of creating a postnuptial agreement. Both of these documents protect the couple should the marriage end in divorce. Today, we will explore the benefits of a prenuptial agreement to the estate plan that you create with your spouse.

Major mistakes made when estate planning

Even though putting together an estate plan is one of the most important things you can do in life, it can still be done incorrectly. For example, you could make various mistakes in your estate plan, which could lead to any of the documents being invalid. Today, we will discuss the major mistakes you can make when estate planning in Florida.

How an estate plan can prevent family disputes

The creation of an estate plan can help prevent family disputes long after you are gone. Families that don't have estate plans in place could wind up fighting over assets, money, property and other inheritance items upon your death. The fighting could become so intense that your children might stop speaking to each other. Here's how an estate plan can help avoid family disputes.

Estate planning after a divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging and stressful times in life. The marriage you've worked so hard to build is no longer working. You and your spouse might be fighting constantly. You might no longer love each other. Maybe you only stayed together until your children reached adulthood. Whatever the reason for the divorce, you need to know how to make changes to your estate plan once the divorce is finalized.

A quick checklist for funeral planning

a quick checklist for funeral planning.pngFuneral planning should be part of your estate planning process if you want to make everything go smoothly for your children. This lets them know what you want -- and gives you a chance to consider the financial side of the plan. Leaving money to cover the costs of your funeral and directions to show your desires takes a lot of stress out of what is sure to be an emotional time.

Estate planning includes yourself

estate planning includes yourself.pngOften, when we think about estate planning, we just think about the people who are getting money and assets: the heirs. The goal is to transfer the estate to them smoothly and efficiently. The plan focuses on the family's well-being for years and even generations to come.

Lack of communication can cost you in estate planning

lack of planning.pngWhen doing any type of estate planning and setting up assets for your heirs, make sure that you communicate with them about your wishes and your plans for the future. A lack of communication can lead to some critical errors that may prove very costly.

Consider small items when writing a will

consider small things when writing will.pngAmong your largest assets that you plan to pass on to your children are probably your home, a life insurance policy and a retirement account. These are important assets, but their inclusion in your will may not be as important as smaller, sentimental items that do not have nearly the same financial value.