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Estate Planning Archives

Life milestones that cause you to update your will

Did you recently create a will and other estate planning documents? If so, it's important to note that you should not simply sit on them until you reach the late stages of your life. Don't put these documents in the safe deposit box and not look at them ever again. A will needs to be reviewed every couple of years and amended appropriately based on the milestones you've achieved in life.

Understand these things when chosen as an estate executor

understand these things when chosen as an estate executor.jpgBeing chosen as the executor of an estate is nothing to sneeze at. It is an important legal role that should be taken very seriously. You never know when you might have to make decisions on behalf of the person named in the estate. That's why you need to prepare the minute you are asked to be an executor. This will make the transition period easier when the time comes to handle the affairs of the estate in Fort Myers.

Picking the executor of your will in Florida

picking the executor of your will in florida.jpgIf you are working on your estate plan in Fort Myers, there's a very important designation you should never overlook. That designation is who will be the executor of your will. This designation should be someone you trust will carryout all of your wishes that are outlined in your will. This should also be someone you know and who knows you, not an occasional acquaintance.

Tips for choosing a child guardian in Florida

1tips for choosing a child guardian in florida.pngHaving a discussion about your future with your spouse is never easy. You need to discuss some very difficult and uneasy topics, such as how your money will be handled upon your death and who will be the guardian of your children should you die before they reach the age of 18 in Fort Myers. Here are some tips for choosing a guardian for your children.

Advice for choosing a power of attorney in Florida

Advice for choosing a power of attorney.pngThe power of attorney is one of the most important aspects of putting together your estate plan in Florida. No matter when you decide to plan your future, you need to pick a power of attorney. No estate plan is complete without a power of attorney and possibly even an alternate. Here are some important tips for choosing the right power of attorney for your estate plan in Fort Myers.

Cryptocurrency and your estate plan

In the last several years, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have seen their public image rise considerably. While the idea of owning cryptocurrency seemed like a distant possibility for laypeople only a few years ago, these financial instruments are gaining popularity more quickly than state or federal laws can often keep up with them.

When is the right time to fund a living trust?

righttimetofundtrustinfographic.pngLiving trusts offer a convenient "hybrid" approach to estate planning that combines many of the most important protections that make trusts useful while foregoing some of the most frustrating restrictions that other trusts keep in place. While this flexibility comes at the cost of some of the more detailed protections that more unwieldy trust provide, many individuals find that the added access to assets and flexibility in altering terms of a living trust are worth the trade off.

Examine the details before converting a Roth IRA

examine the details before convert roth ira.jpgEstate planning, unlike a certain rotisserie oven, is not a matter one should simply "set and forget." In fact, leaving an estate plan unchanged or reviewed for too long may virtually guarantee conflicts when it comes time to disperse assets to your beneficiaries. The laws that govern estate planning change regularly, so it is important to review your estate plan to take advantage of these changes regularly, or at least every three to four years.