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Trust Administration Archives

Important items to know about a trust

A trust is one of the most important legal items you can create. It protects your property and other items when you die. It can make your family have an easier time of distributing your assets and dividing up your belongings, avoiding family feuds along the way. Let's examine the important items you need to know about a trust in today's post.

Explaining an inter vivos trust

If you are getting ready to sit down with your attorney to create an estate plan, one of the trusts you need to have an understanding of is the inter vivos trust. This trust is created by the trustor when putting together the estate plan. An alternate name for this trust is living trust, and it can be active for a specific period based on the wishes of the trustor.

Steps for changing the trustee of a trust

Creating a trust is one of the most important parts of putting together your estate plan. But, did you know that you can change the trustee whenever you see fit? That's right; the trustee you choose is not set there for eternity. You can make a change for whatever reason you deem. It is your estate plan and your trust, why shouldn't you be allowed to change your preference?

The benefits of a revocable trust

Creating a revocable trust is one option you have to make sure your estate is passed to your beneficiaries upon your death. A revocable trust is created by signing a document and naming a person, corporation or both entities to be the administrator of the trust. The person who creates the trust is known as the grantor. The trust is to be administered in the best interest of the grantor, even while he or she is still alive. Here are some benefits of a revocable trust.

7 common types of trusts

seven common types of trusts.pngThe way that the trust administration process plays out depends on the specific stipulations in that trust, the goals of the original creator of the document and what type of trust it is. Everyone who sets up a trust should have considered all of their options to determine exactly what fits best with their family, their needs and their plans for the future.

Can an educational trust be used for anything else?

educational trust.pngYour parents left you an educational trust so that you would never have to worry about tuition costs. However, you have quickly learned that life comes with a lot of other costs, and you're wondering if you can use the trust for anything else. It's not as if you want to spend it all on a vacation or a new car. These are very real life expenses that you feel your parents would have approved of.

How to choose the right trustee

how to choose trustee.jpgChoosing the right trustee is one of the most important parts of developing an estate plan. A trust helps you protect yourself, your assets and your loved ones once you are gone. If you don't choose someone who is responsible enough to handle the trust, then you could be in a lot of trouble. Let's take a look at how to choose the right trustee to administer the trust for you upon your death or incapacitation.

4 times you should review your living trust

4 times you should review your living trust.jpgIt's a smart idea in life to have a living trust. It's an even smarter idea to review that living trust every so often. How often should you review the contents of your trust? This is an interesting question that brings with it a four-part answer. There are four very important things that happen in life that should force you to review your living trust.

Explaining the responsibilities of a trustee

trustee.jpgIf you are asked to be a trustee for someone in your life in Fort Myers, Florida, then you likely want to know what it is you are responsible for. There are quite a few responsibilities you will need to handle when you accept this role for someone close to you in life. We will take a look at the responsibilities of a trustee in today's post so you know what to expect.