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Will Contests Archives

Supposed widow and son of James Brown left out of his will

Writing a will in Lee County, FL is typically not something you do once in your life and then forget about it. Since your situation may change over the years, it is important that you keep your last will and testament updated. Whenever a major life event occurs, such as a marriage, birth or death of a child or death of a spouse, it is often necessary to amend your will to accommodate these changes. Doing so can help your wishes be carried out in the way you see fit.

Lawyer contests 94-year-old woman's will

When you write up a last will and testament in Lee County, Florida, you are ensuring that your estate will be divided in a manner that you see fit. Many people wish to leave their homes, car and other assets to their loved ones. Others want their assets sold and the money bequeathed to their favorite charity. Explicit directions for whatever a person wishes to happen to his or her estate can be written in a will.

Estate of actor Sherman Hemsley subjected to will contest

He became famous on camera playing a blustering, upwardly mobile character that helped break ground for African-Americans on television. Actor Sherman Hemsley, who died in July at age 74, was recently the subject of a fond memorial at the Emmy Awards.Now his estate is the focus of a will contest, however.