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Posts tagged "Estate Administration"

Prepare your adult children for the inevitable

Having children is a blessing. It can also be a challenge, especially when they reach the age of adulthood. Why? For starters, talking to your adult children about the inevitable can be very difficult, but it is very necessary. Below, you will find some tips for preparing your adult children for the inevitable, which includes your death and the reading of your will.

How to avoid your will being contested

It is a common occurrence for people to contest the wills and estates of their family members or others they know throughout life. Why would someone contest a will? For starters, they believe that the people named in the will should not be getting what they are getting or shouldn't be named at all in the will. You can prevent your will from being contested by following the tips outlined in today's post.

Tips for transferring a power of attorney

A power of attorney is one of the most important legal positions you need to fill when creating your will and estate plan. You should review your estate plan every so often to make sure the person chosen is still alive or still in your life. Today, we will take a look at how you can transfer a power of attorney to a different person after you've already named them in your estate plan.

Give consent before accepting treatment

consent before treatment.jpgWhether you are headed to the hospital for a surgery or are being moved into a nursing home, you need to give consent prior to receiving any type of treatment. This includes accepting prescriptions, receiving shots, being operated on, receiving cancer treatments and anything else that can be administered to you. Let's take a look at how you can give consent prior to accepting treatment so you do not wind up in a precarious situation.

Mistakes can happen in the ER despite your living will

mistakes can happen in the ER despite your living will.jpgEven though you sign a living will, it doesn't mean mistakes won't happen when you find yourself in the emergency room (ER). Nurses and doctors rush to make judgment calls when patients are brought into the ER, so much so that they don't fully read the instructions in the living will that you created.

Understanding the role of the executor of a will

understanding the role of the.jpgHave you been asked to be the executor of someone's will? This is an important job to have no matter your relationship with the person who made the request. Also know that you have the ability to deny the request. If you want to say yes to the request and take on this role, you need to understand the role of the executor of a will in Florida.

Here's what to remember about making a special needs trust

special needs trust.jpgWhen you have a beneficiary with special needs, it's often in your best interests to provide for him or her through a special needs trust. In the event that you pass away, a special needs trust continues to provide benefits while protecting your disabled beneficiary's state and federal benefits by not increasing his or her income.

Important questions to ask when planning your estate

Important questions to ask when planning your estate.pngDo you have a will? Have you planned your estate yet? If not, you are putting not only yourself but also your dependents and spouse in a precarious situation should you become incapacitated or die. Too many people pass away without a will or other estate documents in place these days. You need to avoid this issue at all costs by asking the following questions when planning your estate in Florida.