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Posts tagged "Guardianships"

Who you should pick as a guardian of an elderly person

Finding a guardian for an elderly family member is not easy. You have to come to terms with the fact that your loved one needs a guardian, for whatever reason. You then need to find someone you can trust who can be named a guardian if you are unable to do it yourself. Picking someone other than yourself or a sibling to be the guardian of an elderly loved one usually happens when you live far from your loved one.

What to expect if chosen as a guardian

Being chosen as a guardian for someone else's child is an important responsibility. You might never have to exercise this responsibility, but you should still be prepared to take care of the child if the unthinkable happens to his or her parents. Let's take a look at what you should expect if you are chosen as the guardian of someone else's children in today's post.

The differences between a guardian and a conservator

If you are ever named a guardian or conservator in Colorado, you need to know what the responsibilities are so that you don't make any mistakes. These are important legal positions that should be taken seriously. These legal positions are appointed by the court when another person is unable to physically or mentally care for themselves. It is possible for one person to be appointed to both a guardian or conservator by the court.

Explaining what happens when a disabled child turns 18

disabled 18.jpgHaving a special needs child presents a lot of problems for parents. They might not know how to protect their children, especially if their child does not have the mental capacity to make their own decisions or to protect themselves. Parents have a couple of options when it comes to helping their special needs child succeed in life and avoid becoming the victim of a scam or other issue. But, what happens when the disabled child turns 18?

Creating a guardianship for an adult with mental illness

creating a guardianship.jpgGuardianship is an important legal entity that should never be overlooked. It is an option that many people turn to when the time comes in life for their family members. Guardianships are most commonly created for children and adults with disabilities because they need to be protected since they cannot protect themselves. Let's take a look at creating a guardianship for an adult with a mental illness.

Looking at guardianships for an elderly parent

Life has its ups and downs. One of the most difficult things in life is caring for an elderly parent who once cared for you. When a parent begins to age and change, it can be difficult for an adult child to accept those changes. They are used to seeing a strong person, able to care for him or herself and everyone around them. Now, they see someone who has become frail and has trouble doing things on his or her own. Let's look at guardianships for an elderly parent in this post.

Florida woman claims imprisonment in case about guardianship

A woman in Florida has claimed that she was imprisoned in a guardianship case, according to a recent news report. This is not the first time an issue such as this has been in the news, as advocates claim that innocent residents of the state are being taken advantage of in the state's probate court system by their family members. The woman, who lives in Naples now, saw the issue begin back in 2016.

Important tips for choosing a child guardian in Florida

Important tips for choosing a child guardian in florida.pngIf you have children, or are planning on having children, there is an important decision that both parents must make. That decision is who will serve as the legal guardian of the children should you and the other parent die before the children reach the age of 18. This is a very difficult discussion to have but it should never be skipped. Here are some tips for choosing a guardian for your children in Florida.