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Posts tagged "Will Execution"

Steps involved to execute a will

If you have never been part of a will reading, it's a good idea to know ahead of time what to expect. This includes the steps that are involved to execute a will. If a family member dies, you simply cannot go to their home and claim what you know has been left behind to you in the will. There are things that must be handled first before items can be bequeathed to the beneficiaries of the will.

Important milestones that signal it's time to update your will

important milestones that signal will change.jpgHaving a will is a great way to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of when you die. However, simply having a will and not updating it is not good. You cannot create a will in your 20s or 30s and then let it sit well into your 60s without updating it at least once or twice. Let's look at the important milestones in your life that signal it is time to update your will.

Taking a look at what happens with a will after death

Taking A Look At What Happens With A Will After Death.jpgThe administration of an estate, which includes the execution of the will, occurs upon the death of the person named in the documents. It can be a very lengthy and stressful process for the surviving family members, especially if the decedent did not outline everything about their assets. Today, let's take a look at what happens with a will after death in Florida.

What to expect when asked to be a power of attorney

what to expect when you named power of attorney.pngIt takes a lot of time and plenty of discussions to plan your estate. One of the most difficult aspects of the planning phase is picking someone to be your power of attorney. But, what if you are ever on the other side of this? What if you are asked to be a power of attorney for someone you know and love? It might be hard for you to say yes to this request. Here's what to expect in Florida if this request comes across your desk.

Looking at the duties of a power of attorney

Looking at the duties of a power of attorney.pngThe power of attorney is one of the most important duties a person can be tasked with in life. If you are chosen as someone's power of attorney, you are given quite a bit of power, for lack of a better word. Your responsibilities are very important. Today, we will discuss the duties of a power of attorney in Fort Myers, Florida, so you know what to expect when chosen for this job.

These issues may invalidate a will

Creating a will is an essential component of any estate plan, and it may offer important guidance to your beneficiaries and heirs when you pass away or become incapacitated. However, simply creating a will is often not enough to ensure that your wishes will be honored without challenges from interested parties or the legal system itself. A number of complications may arise if you do not take care when drafting your last will.

How do no-contest clauses protect a will?

There are many ways to write protections of your rights and preferences into your will, depending on your needs and the difficulties you anticipate those who survive you may face. In some cases, it is likely that one or more parties may challenge a will and greatly complicate the execution of your wishes. In these instances and others, it is wise to consider using "no-contest" clauses in your will as an extra form of protection for your wishes.

Don’t forget to update your will regularly

Many people assume that a will is like a rotisserie oven. They want to just set it and forget it. While it is true that having an outdated will is generally better than having no will in place at all, an outdated will can still cause many issues for a person's family and beneficiaries. Most estate planning professionals agree that all adults should review and potentially update a will roughly every five years.