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Posts tagged "intestate estates"

Man due to inherit $430,000 dies without a will

Having a will is important, especially if you want to ensure that those you love are taken care of after you are gone. If you do not have a will when you die, the court system in Florida will determine how to divide your estate and who gets your assets. The way they divide up your estate may vary, but typically all of your assets will go to your surviving spouse and children. This is the case unless you have no spouse or children, in which case the courts will pick among your closest relatives to inherit your estate.

Lincoln died without a will and a Supreme Court Justice handled probate

It's not everyone who can call on a Justice of the Supreme Court to handle probate for an intestate estate, but that's just what Abraham Lincoln's family had to do when he died. It's true that Lincoln died unexpectedly, but considering his position, he must have known that his family would have been well served by an estate plan.