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Ryan O'Neal awarded Warhol Farrah Fawcett painting

It is not uncommon in Lee County, Florida to hear about people contesting wills and getting into family fights or filing lawsuits over personal property that was once owned by the deceased. In order to avoid this, those who are going through the estate planning process should always document in writing when they give something that is either sentimentally or monetarily valuable. If this transfer is to be done after the person dies, it should be clearly outlined in his or her will. This can ensure that the person who was intended to get the item actually gets it.

Probate court issues ruling; man will finally get inheritance

It is sad to think that someone would be greedy enough to try to take advantage of the death of another person in Lee County, Florida. After the death of your loved one, it may seem like old relatives and acquaintances start crawling out of the woodwork trying to claim part of the estate. This is why it is so helpful to have a last will and testament in place so that your wishes are honored.

Avoiding Probate

Proper estate planning should be discussed with an estate planning attorney and with a tax specialist to develop a strategy that deals with your specific needs. For most individuals, probate is the appropriate method for administering their assets after they pass away. However, there are a number of ways to avoid probate depending on your net worth.

Couple sues for daughter's right to prior adoptive family fortune

When someone is cut out of a will or trust in Lee County, Florida, there can be a lot of feelings of resentment and heartache. Sometimes the legality of disinheriting someone can be called into question and the issue taken to probate court.

Woman disinherited when she contests terms of trust

It is not uncommon for family members to feel shock and dismay when the will of a loved one in Lee County, Florida is read. Maybe they were expecting to inherit more of the estate, or maybe they were left out completely. These people may be inclined to contest the will.

Dispute over food magnate's estate to be settled in Florida?

He was known in his life as a man who fought for his interests, his businesses and the causes he believed in. Many say it's not totally unexpected that even after his life, disagreements continue to revolve around him.